Key Points

To be successful, maximum pressure 2.0 should include diplomatic, military, cyber, economic and financial sanctions, and information and influence activities. There will undoubtedly be challenges associated with implementation. And no plan fully survives contact with the adversary. But this campaign offers the best hope of securing American, South Korean, and international interests on the Korean Peninsula without war.

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Perhaps, were Mr. Blow not blissfully blind about the world beyond America’s borders, he’d have less horrible Thanksgivings. He may not like my saying that, but he will have to abide it.  America is still a free country, a blessing for which I am most thankful.

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While data integrity and supply-chain security may not sound as tantalizing as building the algorithm that develops biotronic robots, it may be even more important. If we don’t secure the data we use to propel our AI revolution, we are building an AI capacity for the adversary.

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Meanwhile, The Free Democratic Party politician MichaelTheurer, a MP in the Bundestag, urged Altmaier to apologize.

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For example, the United States could consider punitive fines or sanctions against Chinese banks, companies, and individuals complicit in direct and unwarranted boycotts on South Korean firms and industries. As regional opponents such as North Korea and China continue to undermine Alliance interests, it is imperative that Washington and its allies remain united to deter common adversaries.

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EVENT: Instruments of American Power: Implementing Foreign Policies and Protecting Against Global Threats

October 10, 2019 | 12:00

EVENT: Securing the Courts: Exploitation of the Judicial System by Foreign Adversaries

September 13, 2019 | 12:00