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The United States is engaged in a strategic competition with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The challenges posed by the CCP continue to mount: the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, massive human rights abuses, threats to American democratic allies like Taiwan and Hong Kong, dominance of vital supply chains and critical 21st century technologies, cyber intrusions, theft of U.S. intellectual property, strategic and weaponized CCP foreign investment in the United States and around the globe, North Korea and Iran nuclear, missile and military cooperation and sanctions-busting, and military provocations in the Indo-Pacific.

To address these threats, FDD’s China Program experts work as part of FDD’s three centers on American power to leverage the economic, financial, military, political, cyber and technology tools to expose and counter the full scope of the CCP challenge. They conduct detailed research, appear regularly in the media, and develop actionable policy options.

Chaired by Matthew Pottinger, FDD’s China Program includes fellows and analysts with a range of backgrounds, Chinese language skills, data-driven mining capabilities to examine Chinese-language sources, and experience in government, intelligence, military, and technology. FDD’s China Program examines a range of topics including: illicit finance; corrupt CCP global infrastructure; exploitation of the U.S. court system; methods for protecting vulnerable U.S. supply chains; proliferation activities; military developments; cyber threats; and human rights abuses in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and elsewhere.



The Fight to Defend the Free World

Published in September 2020, FDD's Center on Military and Political Power Chairman LTG (Ret.) H.R. McMaster authored a bold and provocative re-examination of the most critical foreign policy and national security challenges that face the United States including America’s strategic competition with China.

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FDD's China team conducts detailed analysis on a range of the Chinese Communist Party's illicit activities.

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What they're saying

"I’ve always tried to have a 'bias for action,' and I appreciate how the Center on Military and Political Power isn’t intended to be a group of luminaries sitting around admiring the problem set, but an organization actively working to promote understanding of the strategies, policies, and capabilities we need to maintain our vital national interests. That bias towards action speaks to me – so I appreciate the endeavor that’s underway here."
Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr.
Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr.
Former Commander, U.S. Central Command
"I will tell you that FDD has been such a partner. Whether it is dealing with the Iran deal and the flaws that were in it, all the way to human shields and all the things that we need to do to combat it, you've been a partner in a time where we need partners.  And so I appreciate that very much."
Headshot of Amb. Nikki R. Haley
Amb. Nikki R. Haley
Former US Ambassador to the United Nations
"The output generated today and every day at FDD is invaluable and inexplicably linked to the defense of our nation."
Headshot of Ryan McCarthy
Hon. Ryan D. McCarthy
Acting Secretary, U.S. Army
“I have long admired the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. I have long felt it’s very important the issues that are raised here, and I have long felt that when we talk about foreign policy, it has to be done on a bipartisan basis and we have to work very closely together across the aisle.”
Headshot of Rep. Elliot Engel
Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY)
Chairman, House Foreign Affairs Committee
“It is the efforts of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies that is dedicated to these issues day in and day out – your work every day makes a real difference in these battles that we wage.”
Headshot of Rep. Ted Duetch
Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL)
“I love FDD. … I want to thank FDD for the work it's done over the years on so many critical issues. ... We have drawn heavily on the scholarship and analysis of FDD. … We need organizations like FDD to continue their scholarship on the threats that we face.”
Headshot of LTG H.R. McMaster
LTG (Ret.) H.R. McMaster
Former National Security Advisor
“I am a proud alumnus of FDD’s National Security Fellows Program. FDD has really distinguished itself as a hub and a place where you really have invested in the next generation of national security leaders, and that's critical.”
Headshot of Rep Michael Gallagher
Rep. Mike Gallagher
(R-WI-8), 2011 FDD National Security Fellow
“The intelligence community notes what FDD does and deeply appreciates it. Your scholarship shows connections between a whole bunch of nefarious actors out there – proliferators, sanctions-busters, and money-launderers. What it is you’re able to do with open sources complements and reinforces what goes on inside the intelligence community.”
Headshot of General Michael Hayden
Gen. Michael Hayden
Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency



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