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Heumann added that “The Iranian quest for weapons of mass destruction has so far not attracted the attention in the West that it would have deserved for the explosive revelations. Even though the [Iranian] attacks on the Saudi oil facilities show that Iran’s martial ambitions are to be taken seriously.”

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Given the longstanding intransigence of the Kim family regime, optimism is hardly warranted. However, so long as the U.S. remains steadfast and committed to its alliances with South Korea and Japan, it is worth the effort to try to influence Kim Jong-un to make the right strategic decisions. 

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The U.S should not be intimidated by North Korea’s provocations or reward Pyongyang with unjustified concessions. Instead, Washington should continue strengthening its alliance with South Korea and responding to North Korea’s tactics with additional pressure, integrating sanctions, diplomacy, military deterrence, cyber operations, and information and influence activities. Only in this way can Washington and Seoul remind Kim Jong Un that his nuclear and missile arsenal will bring his country more harm than good.

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EVENT: Instruments of American Power: Implementing Foreign Policies and Protecting Against Global Threats

October 10, 2019 | 12:00