Craig Singleton is an adjunct fellow at FDD where he analyzes great-power competition with China. He previously spent more than a decade serving in a series of sensitive national security roles with the United States government, to include overseas assignments at the U.S. Embassies in Baghdad, Iraq; Caracas, Venezuela; and, Mexico City, Mexico. In this capacity, Craig regularly briefed federal law enforcement, U.S. military personnel, foreign governments, Congressional oversight committees, and White House-level policymakers on a wide range of issues, including China’s overseas military expansion and malign influence, North Korea, counter-terrorism, cybersecurity, and regional instability in Latin America. In addition to his work at FDD, Craig serves as the Director of Intelligence and Analysis at Heyrick Research, a counter-human trafficking non-profit based in Northern Virginia.

Craig is a regular media contributor in outlets such as The Miami Herald and Newsweek, and serves as a thought leader in the counter-human trafficking space.

Craig received his BA in Political Science from the University of Florida.

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