Center on Cyber and Technology Innovation


FDD’s Center on Cyber and Technology Innovation (CCTI) seeks to advance U.S. prosperity and security through technology innovation while countering threats to the U.S. government, private sector, and allied countries.

Technology holds the promise of greater inclusivity and productivity for American society. At the same time, the cyber domain is providing new avenues for state and non-state actors to undermine our national security and democracy, pilfer intellectual property from private companies, and steal personal identifiable information. To capitalize on these opportunities and address these challenges, CCTI combines rigorous academic research of adversaries’ strategies and capabilities with scientific experimentation and interdisciplinary study to unlock technological, governance, and policy solutions. CCTI operates through three interrelated initiatives:

  • CSC 2.0: FDD houses CSC 2.0, an initiative to preserve the legacy and continue the work of the congressionally mandated Cyberspace Solarium Commission. CSC 2.0 supports efforts to implement outstanding CSC recommendations, provides annual assessments of the implementation of the commission’s recommendations, and conducts research and analysis on several outstanding cybersecurity issues identified by the commission during its tenure.
  • Transformative Cyber Innovation Lab: TCIL bridges the gap between existing technology, policy, and governance to drive revolutionary, society-wide improvements in cyber resilience. TCIL nurtures technologically feasible, testable pilot projects that begin to solve some of the hardest technical challenges afflicting society and the national security industrial base.
  • Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare: FDD’s CEEW project focuses on how authoritarian adversaries are using cyber means to undermine the foundation of U.S. strength — its economic wherewithal — to weaken America politically and militarily. CEEW researches the intersection between cyber operations and economic warfare, where technological developments are being adapted to cause strategic damage.

Dr. Samantha Ravich serves as chairman of FDD’s Center on Cyber and Technology Innovation. Mark Montgomery is the Senior Director of CCTI and leads CSC 2.0.

CCTI is one of FDD’s centers on American power, which also include FDD’s Center on Military and Political Power and FDD’s Center on Economic and Financial Power.

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March 25, 2024 | 11:30 am

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