June 9, 2024 | Flash Brief

Hezbollah Attacks Israel With Drones and Rocket Salvo

June 9, 2024 | Flash Brief

Hezbollah Attacks Israel With Drones and Rocket Salvo

Latest Developments

Hezbollah attacked Israel with two explosive-laden drones and 10 rockets on June 9. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said the drones, launched from Lebanon, targeted an area in the northern Golan Heights and caused fires there. “Israel Fire and Rescue Services are currently operating at the scene to extinguish the fires,” the IDF said after the incident. The rockets fell in an open area in Zaura, also igniting fires. No injuries have been reported. Israel responded by striking the launch sites, according to the IDF. Rocket and drone sirens sounded throughout northern Israeli communities on June 9, although the IDF determined that some were false alarms. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attacks on June 9 in a statement to the pro-Iranian media outlet Al-Mayadeen.

Expert Analysis

“Hezbollah attacked northern Israel on June 9, one day after Israel rescued four hostages from Hamas in Gaza. The attacks illustrate that Hezbollah will continue to increase its threats to Israel, as Hamas faces setbacks. This is part of a wider Iranian-backed attempt to increase threats to Israel on multiple fronts.”Seth J. Frantzman, FDD Adjunct Fellow

“Hezbollah has been gradually escalating its military campaign in northern Israel, exploiting Israel’s defensive posture over the past eight months of conflict. The Iranian-backed group has calculated that losses to its fighting force and infrastructure are a worthwhile price to pay for maintaining pressure on Israel’s northern border. Therefore, it is unlikely that Hezbollah will alter its current strategy until it is compelled to do so, and Israel has not yet achieved that goal.” Joe Truzman, Senior Research Analyst at FDD’s Long War Journal

“Hezbollah’s intensified attacks in recent weeks have become a significant concern for Israel. The Iran-backed group has increased the range, lethality, and intensity of its assaults. With no sustainable peaceful alternative in sight, diplomatic efforts have so far proven ineffective. Thus, as tensions continue to rise, the possibility of a full-scale war seems increasingly likely.” — Ahmad Sharawi, FDD Research Analyst

Israel Strikes Terror Sites in Lebanon After Rocket Fire

Israeli airstrikes struck multiple Hezbollah targets in Lebanon on June 9 in response to attacks by the Iranian-backed terrorist group. Israel’s targets included terrorist infrastructure in Aitaroun and buildings in Rab al-Thalathin, located in southwestern Lebanon. The IDF also struck a rocket launcher in Houla.

The Hezbollah assault and Israel’s retaliation followed at least 11 Hezbollah attacks on June 8, some with anti-tank missiles. Additionally, Israel intercepted a drone off the northern Israeli coast on June 8. Hezbollah has increased its drone attacks over the past month, according to the Alma Research and Education Center.

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