November 8, 2023 | Flash Brief

Widespread Attacks on Israeli Civilians Persist One Month On 

November 8, 2023 | Flash Brief

Widespread Attacks on Israeli Civilians Persist One Month On 

Latest Developments 

Israeli civilians remain under fire with more than 9,500 rockets launched into Israel between October 7 and October 30, reported the Israeli Embassy in the United States on November 7. Iran-backed Hamas terrorists in Gaza continue to indiscriminately fire on Israeli civilians located in small communities and major population centers in the center and south. Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon continue to target northern communities with rockets, mortars, and precision-guided missiles. Terrorist groups in the West Bank have also escalated attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians, leading to violent clashes. 

On October 24, Hamas official Ghazi Hamad said during an interview on Lebanese television that Hamas would launch more assaults on Israelis, similar to the October 7 attack, as many times as needed to destroy Israel. 

Expert Analysis 

“Hamas’s supporters claim that Gaza is running out of just about everything, yet somehow Hamas has no shortage of missiles to fire at Israelis. Because these missiles are being fired indiscriminately at civilians, each one represents a war crime. Anyone who sincerely cares about human lives — both Gazan and Israeli — should at least be calling on Hamas to cease firing. It is instructive that they do not.” Cliff May, FDD President 

“North, south, east, and west, Israel is a country under continuous attack from all fronts. While we focus our attention on the ground invasion in Gaza, Israelis are dealing with terrorism, rockets, and missiles from all directions. To understand the totality of Israel’s policies, we need to analyze the totality of the threats it faces.” Richard Goldberg, FDD Senior Advisor 

Indiscriminate Rocket Barrages 

On November 7, Hamas launched multiple rocket barrages toward Tel Aviv — Israel’s most populous city — and its suburbs. Hamas also targeted Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport as well as towns and cities nearby. A day earlier, Hezbollah launched approximately 30 rockets at towns in northern Israel, including the city of Haifa.  

Arrests and Attacks in the West Bank and Jerusalem 

The West Bank towns of Jenin and Tulkarem have seen increased clashes with Israeli security forces as Palestinian unrest grows. On November 6 in Tulkarem, Israeli security forces killed four terrorists who had carried out terrorist attacks on Israelis and planned to carry out more. On November 3, security forces also killed two terrorists in Jenin — a city where terrorist groups have proliferated

On November 6, a 16-year-old Palestinian boy stabbed and killed 20-year-old Israeli police officer and state of Georgia native Elisheva Lubin. On October 30, a 17-year-old Palestinian wounded another Israeli police officer with a knife. On the same day, a Palestinian gunman shot and killed a reserve Israeli soldier who was on his way home to the northern West Bank town of Einav. 

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