July 2, 2012 | National Review Online

Hezbollah Joins the White House in Congratulating Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President-elect

The Shiite jihadist organization that serves as Iran’s forward militia, issued a statement congratulating the Egyptian people and their new Islamic supremacist president, Mohammed Morsi, on their “historical achievement,” adding, “The movement [i.e., Hezbollah] praises this unprecedented step and hopes that Egypt’s first presidential polls will pave the way towards achieving the demands of the January 25 revolution.” 

Meantime … the U.S. State Department wants you to understand that when, following President Obama’s congratulations to the Muslim Brotherhood’s victorious candidate, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demanded that the Egyptian military hand over power to Morsi, that was in no way intended as an endorsement of Morsi and the Brotherhood.

Thanks for that clarification. 

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