October 27, 2023 | Foreign Podicy

Studying War Some More

October 27, 2023 Foreign Podicy

Studying War Some More



It is the opinion of your Foreign Podicy host, Cliff May, that Andrew Roberts is the world’s greatest living historian.

In recent years, he has written groundbreaking biographies of Churchill, Napoleon, and King George.

He’s a Bradley Prize winner, and Cliff is the one who nominated him. However, Cliff was outdone by His Majesty Charles the Third, as Andrew is now Lord Andrew Roberts — the sovereign has conferred upon him the title of Baron Roberts of Belgravia.

Lord Andrew Roberts joins Cliff to discuss his most recent book, co-authored with retired General David Petraeus, “Conflict: The Evolution of Warfare from 1945 to Ukraine.” This New York Times best-seller reached bookstores as the war between Hamas and Israel entered its second week.


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