August 12, 2015 | Quote

ISIS Takes It To The Taliban In Afghanistan

Islamic State fighters recently forced a group of blindfolded Taliban supporters to kneel unwittingly over buried devices set to blow them to bits, upping the ante in the battle between the two forces for Afghanistan.

Recent news confirming Taliban leader Mullah Omar’s death two years ago has emboldened ISIS in its bid to expand into the group’s territory there. Taliban leaders have rejected ISIS rule, and ISIS is challenging the Taliban’s territory inside the country.

The footage shows ISIS militants bury explosive devices in the ground, and then force ten blindfolded men accused of aiding the Taliban or the Afghanistan government to kneel on the spot. The militants then run away, leaving the men in suspense before detonating the explosives.


“They think that they might be able to re-create what ISIS has done in Iraq,” John Hannah, a senior counselor with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told Fox News. “[The parliament attack] is very much the Taliban putting down their marker. And they are on the offensive elsewhere in Afghanistan, picking up territory – the Taliban is back.”


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