January 17, 2014 | VOA News

News Update

An explosion of bloodshed continues in the Middle East as the civil war in Syria spreads violence and extremism to neighboring countries.  Sectarian rivalries are fueling instability and radical Islamist militants are battling for influence and territory across the region. 

Ambulances rush to the scene of another bombing in Lebanon, as Beirut is hit by attacks linked to sectarian tensions over Syria’s civil war.

Thousands of foreign jihadists turn their guns on each other in Syria as the bloody civil war reaches its third year.

“Saudi Arabia plays this game because it has to, because it is going up against Iran which is backing Hezbollah,” said analyst Bill Roggio. “So Saudi Arabia says well we will find our Salifists, our radicals and we will go ahead and arm and back them, so it increases the chance of a widening regional war as well as state sponsorship of terrorist groups.”

“So the situation is just about as bad as it has ever been,” said Bill Roggio. “Al-Qaida has expanded, it has grown, and this is all happening as the U.S. and the West are withdrawing.”

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