June 9, 2024 | Flash Brief

Hamas ‘Reporter’ Doubles as Captor

June 9, 2024 | Flash Brief

Hamas ‘Reporter’ Doubles as Captor

Latest Developments

A Hamas-affiliated Palestinian journalist held captive three of the four Israeli hostages recently rescued from Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Shin Bet revealed on June 9. On June 8, Israeli forces extricated Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv from the family home of Abdallah Aljamal, a former Hamas government spokesman and contributor to the Palestine Chronicle. That publication reported on June 9 that Aljamal was killed during the Israeli special forces operation in Nuseirat that freed Jan, Kozlov, and Ziv in addition to a fourth hostage, Noa Argamani, from a nearby residential building. The IDF said that Aljamal’s complicity was “further evidence of the deliberate use of civilian homes and buildings by the Hamas terrorist organization to hold Israeli hostages captive in the Gaza Strip.”

Expert Analysis

“Israel’s critics deplore the scores of journalists killed in this war — while seldom pausing to ask how Gaza could have had so many involved in supporting terrorism. Since the fighting began, it has become abundantly clear that many of these people were basically word processor-savvy proxies for Hamas, and a couple of them even doubled as gunmen. And now, a new low has been reached: a journalist who was also a captor of the hostages.” — Mark Dubowitz, FDD CEO

“This is an in-your-face demonstration that ‘civilians’ are oftentimes not civilians in this conflict. ‘Journalists’ can be terrorists. ‘Doctors’ can be terrorists. The armed mobs of people rushing to lynch IDF soldiers in Black Hawk Down fashion were not ‘civilians.’ No one should be amplifying unverifiable information from Gaza-based sources.” — Richard Goldberg, FDD Senior Advisor

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