May 31, 2024 | Israel at War Situation Report

Israel SitRep: May 31, 2024

May 31, 2024 Israel at War Situation Report

Israel SitRep: May 31, 2024

Today’s Issue: | IDF Stepping Up Operations Against Shooting From West Bank Toward Israeli Communities | 98th Division Completes Operation in Jabalya, Prepares for Further Combat | IDF Destroys Tunnels From Which Seven Hostage Bodies Were Recovered | COGAT: Aid ‘Flowing Into Gaza’ Through Several Routes | Latest FDD Analysis

IDF Stepping Up Operations Against Shooting From West Bank Toward Israeli Communities: The IDF on Thursday announced that it is stepping up operations in the area between the security fence and Tulkarem in the West Bank in the wake of shooting at Israeli communities that has taken place there in the past few days. IDF forces are operating in refugee camps and deep within villages, arresting wanted persons and seizing weapons and terrorist funds. Over the past week, hundreds of thousands of shekels in terrorist funds have been confiscated, more than 40 wanted persons have been arrested, and a large quantity of weapons has been seized. The Israeli village of Bat Hefer, located some eight miles east of Netanya, is home to some 6,000 people, and the village and the region have been targeted by Palestinian gunmen since October 7. According to Israeli news website Ynet, many dozens of terrorists are concentrated in the Tulkarem and Nur Shams refugee camps, and terrorists who shoot at Israeli towns and film themselves attacking while wearing Hamas symbols such as headbands or flags can be paid thousands of shekels. The Ynet report states that the videos are meant to cause panic and are an essential part of the attack.

98th Division Completes Operation in Jabalya, Prepares for Further Combat: IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari announced on Thursday that troops from the 98th Division have completed their mission in eastern Jabalya and are now preparing for continued combat in Gaza. During the Jabalya operation, soldiers recovered the bodies of seven hostages, killed hundreds of terrorists, and destroyed miles of tunnels. Hagari stated that the 98th Division’s 7th and 460th armored brigades and the paratroopers engaged in combat both above and below ground in a densely packed urban environment which Hamas turned into a fortified fighting complex, shooting from schools and shelters. Above ground, IDF troops killed hundreds of terrorists in close combat, destroying dozens of fighting complexes and terrorist infrastructures in intense battles. The soldiers found hundreds of hand grenades, guns, explosives, ammunition, and other weaponry and destroyed several weapons-production workshops. In addition, they raided a large number of rocket-launching compounds and destroyed launchers that were ready for use. Underground, they destroyed more than six miles (10 kilometers) of tunnels.

IDF Destroys Tunnels From Which Seven Hostage Bodies Were Recovered: The IDF has destroyed the tunnel network from which it recently recovered the bodies of seven people murdered on October 7, whose bodies were being held hostage. The network was located in Jabalya in northern Gaza. According to the military, troops from the Yahalom combat engineering unit used mines, engineering tools, and other means to demolish the tunnels after verifying that no other hostages were in the area. The effort to locate the hostages involved collecting and analyzing intelligence to form a complete picture, which was then transmitted to troops in the field, who led the recovery effort with soldiers from Yahalom, Unit 504 of the Aman Military Intelligence Directorate, and another special intelligence unit, along with Shin Bet personnel. The report includes footage showing the destruction of the tunnel.

COGAT: Aid ‘Flowing Into Gaza’ Through Several Routes: On Thursday, COGAT, the Israeli entity coordinating humanitarian aid for Gaza, reported that both the Erez crossing and the Kerem Shalom crossing are open, adding that “aid is flowing into Gaza” through Egypt, Jordan, Israel’s port of Ashdod, and the private sector. According to COGAT, 251 humanitarian aid trucks entered Gaza on Thursday, 145 of them from Egypt. Thirty-six of the trucks had flour for Gaza bakeries. Tens of thousands of vaccines also entered Gaza yesterday. On Wednesday, 335 humanitarian aid trucks were transferred to Gaza. Forty-one went to the northern part of the strip. A total of 267,000 liters of fuel in five tankers entered Gaza, designated for essential infrastructure there, as did two United Nations Population Fund mobile maternity units.

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