April 22, 2024 | Flash Brief

Israeli Forces on Alert for Passover

April 22, 2024 | Flash Brief

Israeli Forces on Alert for Passover

Latest Developments

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are on high alert ahead of the Passover holiday, which begins at sundown on April 22, the IDF said. “During the Passover holiday, the IDF continues its operational activity and remains fully alert in all areas,” the IDF noted. Israeli forces are deployed on multiple fronts, including operating in Gaza, facing off against Hezbollah in northern Israel, and combatting terrorist threats in the West Bank. In Gaza, the IDF continues to dismantle “terrorist infrastructure,” the IDF added. In northern Israel, the Israeli military is carrying out ambushes along the Israel-Lebanon border, locating Hezbollah operatives, and targeting terror sites. The IDF also detained 13 Palestinian suspects in the West Bank overnight, between April 21 and April 22.

Expert Analysis

“Iran-backed groups have been attempting to target Israel on multiple fronts and escalate attacks ahead of the Passover holiday. In the past, terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas have increased attacks over Jewish holidays. For instance, Hamas launched the October 7 massacre on Simchat Torah. During last year’s Passover, terrorist groups in Lebanon launched a barrage of rockets at northern Israel. And in 2002, a Hamas suicide bomber attacked a hotel in Netanya on Passover, massacring 32 people. It is essential that the Iran-backed terrorist nexus be deterred from further attacks.” — Seth J. Frantzman, FDD Adjunct Fellow

“Rather than being a time of joy, as is proper, Jewish holidays in Israel are a time of heightened security precautions. Israel’s enemies, in a testament to their perfidiousness, tend to prefer these sacred occasions as a time to attack — as demonstrated, horrifically, on October 7, which coincided with the Jewish festival of Simhat Torah, normally a joyous holiday. While it is unlikely that Hezbollah will escalate in such a manner during the coming week of Passover, the lesson of October 7 is that Israel simply cannot take that chance.” — David Daoud, FDD Senior Fellow

Israeli Drone Shot Down by Hezbollah

The Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah shot down an Israeli Elbit Hermes 450 “Zik” drone over Lebanon on April 22, according to the IDF. Before Hezbollah shot it down, the drone flew near the Lebanese town of Aaichiyeh, eight miles inside Lebanon. Israel uses the medium-sized drone for surveillance and carrying missiles. The IDF often uses drones over Lebanon to counter Hezbollah threats.

The IDF carried out retaliatory airstrikes after the drone’s downing, targeting the site where the surface-to-air missile was launched at the drone. This is the third Hermes drone to be shot down in three months. In early April, Hezbollah shot down a Elbit Hermes 900 Kochav, a large Israeli drone, and in February, the group downed another Elbit Hermes 450 drone. Hezbollah’s attack on the Israeli drone comes one day after it claimed numerous attacks on northern Israel, and five days after Hezbollah missile and drone strikes wounded 18 people in northern Israel.

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