April 1, 2024 | Flash Brief

Egypt Opposes Coalition to Secure Gaza Aid Deliveries

April 1, 2024 | Flash Brief

Egypt Opposes Coalition to Secure Gaza Aid Deliveries

Latest Developments

Cairo does not support Israel’s efforts to establish an international peacekeeping force in Gaza, a high-ranking Egyptian government official told Sky News on March 30. Instead, the official said the Palestinian Authority should govern the coastal enclave. Israel seeks to establish an international peacekeeping coalition to improve law and order within Gaza and to secure humanitarian aid convoys, Israeli officials told Axios on March 29. Humanitarian aid continues to face pervasive distribution challenges in Gaza, such as mobbing, looting, or Hamas intercepting deliveries.

The proposed coalition would reportedly include troops from three unnamed Arab countries but not Saudi Arabia or Qatar. Media reports said the coalition forces in Gaza would likely be armed and would likely coordinate with local Gazans who are not connected to Hamas. The coalition would also be responsible for protecting the temporary pier being constructed by the U.S. military on the Gaza coast. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant floated the idea for the coalition to senior U.S. officials in Washington last week.

Expert Analysis

“International peacekeepers rarely keep the peace in the Middle East. This is a sad fact in a region that has seen many conflicts over the years. But there may be little choice with Gaza. The notion of Israel going it alone in the coastal enclave is not the way forward if the goal is a successful transition to self-rule for Gazans. Regional Arab players would likely be more welcome by the population. This is an experiment worth trying, even as some voice their opposition to such a plan.” Jonathan Schanzer, FDD Senior Vice President for Research

“Cairo sees the situation inside Gaza as a mess and understandably doesn’t want to drag itself into this chaos. But the reality is that without weapons coming from its borders, Hamas wouldn’t have carried out the October 7 massacre. It is time for Egypt to atone for such a mistake and utilize its ground expertise in Gaza as part of any creative solutions to improve the living conditions of Gazan civilians and prepare for the day after the war. This could be done alongside some Emirati and Saudi forces, which have military experience training with the Egyptians. It’ll be a golden opportunity for the three capitals to have a foothold inside the strip at the expense of Iran, Turkey, and Qatar.”Haisam Hassanein, FDD Adjunct Fellow

Second Shipment of Seaborne Aid En Route to Gaza

On March 30, a Gaza-bound convoy of three ships carrying 400 tons of humanitarian aid departed from Cyprus. This is the second use of the humanitarian maritime corridor that the United States, Cyprus, the European Commission, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar established. The first ship, carrying 200 tons of humanitarian aid, arrived in Gaza on March 15. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) provided protection for teams offloading cargo onto a temporary jetty for distribution across northern Gaza. Partner states have sought to increase the volume of aid shipped through the corridor.

Israeli Troops to Provide Protection for Gaza Aid Pier

Israel agreed to provide security for U.S. military personnel building the temporary pier to deliver humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, Politico reported on March 26. The plan would entail the IDF’s creation of a “security bubble” around the pier, said a U.S. official. This perimeter would protect personnel constructing the facility as well as aid workers offloading and distributing aid. President Joe Biden unveiled plans for the floating pier during his State of the Union address on March 7. The Pentagon said on March 8 that the pier could facilitate delivery of up to 2 million humanitarian aid meals per day.

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