January 7, 2024 | Flash Brief

Palestinian Terrorists Kill Israeli Policewoman in West Bank City

January 7, 2024 | Flash Brief

Palestinian Terrorists Kill Israeli Policewoman in West Bank City

Latest Developments

Palestinian terrorists killed an Israeli policewoman supporting a security operation in the West Bank city of Jenin on January 7. The 19-year-old Israel Border Police conscript Sgt. Shay Germay died after her vehicle hit an explosive device. The attack, claimed by the Jenin Brigades of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, also wounded three Israeli police officers. During evacuation of the Israeli casualties, an Israeli attack helicopter fired on approaching terrorists throwing explosives. Israeli and Palestinian sources confirm at least six fatalities from the Israeli air strike. The police officer’s death marks the 60th Israeli police officer killed since the Gaza war began.

Hours later in the West Bank, Amar Mansour, a motorist with Israeli license plates driving near Ramallah, died from a drive-by shooting. The victim was a member of Israel’s Arab minority who lived in East Jerusalem, which may explain why no Palestinian terrorist group immediately took credit for the attack. The Israel Defense Forces called the event a terror attack.

Expert Analysis

“Three months into the war, Israel is shifting to a counter-insurgency posture in the Gaza Strip. In parallel, it appears a West Bank insurgency is under way and needing equal attention. With its network of Israeli communities within the West Bank and key national assets situated close to the West Bank boundary, Jerusalem must ensure that Palestinian terrorism comes nowhere close to the scope of Hamas in Gaza.” – Mark Dubowitz, FDD Chief Executive

“Over the course of two and a half years, the West Bank has experienced a persistent rise in terrorist activity. Particularly concerning is an emerging trend where terrorist groups evolve from employing basic pipe bombs to utilizing powerful roadside bombs capable of inflicting significant harm on Israeli security vehicles.” – Joe Truzman, Research Analyst at FDD’s Long War Journal

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