December 27, 2023 | Flash Brief

Hezbollah Fires Anti-Tank Missile at Church in Northern Israel

December 27, 2023 | Flash Brief

Hezbollah Fires Anti-Tank Missile at Church in Northern Israel

Latest Developments

The terrorist group Hezbollah fired an anti-tank missile from Lebanon on December 26 that struck a Greek-Orthodox Church in northern Israel. Two Israeli civilians were wounded in the attack, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said. “When IDF troops arrived to evacuate the wounded, Hezbollah terrorists fired another missile at the church, wounding nine of our soldiers. Shortly after Hezbollah deliberately fired at the church, Hezbollah then fired at Israel from next to a mosque in Lebanon,” Hagari said. Hezbollah has been increasing its attacks on Israel, Hagari added.

Expert Analysis

“Hezbollah’s targeting of a church in northern Israel and launching attacks near a mosque in Lebanon illustrate how the group poses a systematic danger to civilians in Israel and Lebanon. Hezbollah has been armed by Iran and encouraged to open a second front against Israel in the wake of the Hamas massacre of October 7. The Lebanese terrorist group must be deterred from further attacks and removed from the border area so that security can return to northern Israel.” — Seth J. Frantzman, FDD Adjunct Fellow

“Israel and Hezbollah have largely confined their hostilities to the border area since the commencement of the war. Nevertheless, a single incident resulting in a high number of casualties may elicit a significant response and a considerable escalation of the conflict against Hezbollah.”Joe Truzman, Research Analyst at FDD’s Long War Journal

Increasing Attacks by Hezbollah

Hezbollah carried out several attacks against Israel on December 27. Hezbollah fired a missile from next to a mosque in southern Lebanon, targeting the community of Dovev in northern Israel. “This is further proof of Hezbollah’s cynical exploitation of Lebanese civilians and holy sites for its terrorist activity,” the IDF said. Another attack targeted Mount Dov in northern Israel. Israel responded with tank and artillery fire against the source of the attacks.

Northern Israeli Communities Damaged by Hezbollah Attacks

On December 25, Hezbollah fired rockets at the northern Israeli community of Manara. The IDF responded to the attack by striking two areas that were the source of the rockets. A total of 86 out of 155 homes in Manara have been damaged by Hezbollah’s missile and rocket fire since the terrorist group began targeting Israel in the wake of the October 7 Hamas attack from Gaza. Israel has evacuated 80,000 people from northern border communities due to Hezbollah attacks.

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