October 8, 2023 | Flash Brief

IDF Responds to Hezbollah Mortar Fire on Lebanese Border

October 8, 2023 | Flash Brief

IDF Responds to Hezbollah Mortar Fire on Lebanese Border

Latest Developments

Israel struck Hezbollah positions in Lebanon on October 8 in response to rocket and mortar fire in the Mount Dov region, threatening to open a new front along Israel’s northern border. The Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) response included artillery and drone strikes on Hezbollah positions, including the destruction of a tent erected by Hezbollah operatives on Israeli territory in June. The IDF did not report any injuries to Israeli forces during the engagement. Still, local councils told residents in the Upper Galilee to remain close to bomb shelters.

Expert Analysis

“Iran has a deliberate strategy, long in the planning and execution, of surrounding Israel with a ring of fire on multiple fronts — none more dangerous than Israel’s northern border with Iran-backed Hezbollah. That has forced the IDF to allocate its limited resources to the northern border, Syria, and the West Bank as Iran-directed violence has heightened in recent months. Now facing the devastating consequences of Iran’s strategic surprise of hitting Israel on its southern border, the IDF has to turn north to confront escalating tensions with Iran-backed Hezbollah. We will know in the coming days whether Iran is ready to activate Hezbollah to light up that border or save the terror proxy’s firepower for a possible Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities and regime assets.” — Mark Dubowitz, FDD CEO

“For the last 30 hours Israel has been battling a cunning and devious adversary that has raped, maimed, and killed indiscriminately. While October 7 will be remembered as one of the bloodiest days for Israeli civilians, there is no doubt that the IDF will prevail against Hamas in Gaza, which is ultimately a crude and unsophisticated adversary. If the northern front opens, and Hezbollah unleashes its significant arsenal, including advanced weaponry, Israel will be facing a whole new dilemma.” — Enia Krivine, Senior Director of FDD’s Israel Program and National Security Network

Threat from Hezbollah

Observers fear that the northern front will open up into a full-scale operation, forcing the IDF to tackle a multi-front war. Hezbollah receives significantly more funding — a reported $700 million annually — from Tehran than the Islamist regime’s other Palestinian terrorist proxies. It also benefits from greater access to Iranian weapons and training. Hezbollah has positioned an estimated 150,000 rockets in southern Lebanon, most of which are concealed inside civilian infrastructure. Hezbollah also possesses drones and precision guided missiles (PGM) that have the ability to change course during flight and hit within 10 meters of their intended target. 

Clearing Terrorists

IDF forces have engaged Hamas in southern Israel and the Gaza Strip throughout yesterday and last night. The IDF reported that it had killed more than 400 Palestinian terrorists since the start of the war and that IDF troops were patrolling every town near the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces continue to clear southern Israel of terrorist infiltrators but have successfully resolved all known hostage situations. The Israeli Navy killed five terrorists hiding in Zikim Beach. The Israeli Air Force destroyed a compound belonging to the head of Hamas’ intelligence department. Israeli forces are also evacuating residents from towns near the Gaza border as tens of thousands of IDF reservists arrive in southern Israel.

Casualties Rise

Reports on Sunday morning claim at least 500 Israelis have been killed since the start of the conflict on October 7. According to the Israeli Health Ministry, 1,854 Israelis have been wounded, with 326 in serious condition. The IDF also released the names of 26 IDF soldiers killed so far, including Col. Jonathan Steinberg, commander of the Nahal Brigade.

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