July 4, 2023 | Flash Brief

Palestinian Motorist Rams, Stabs Pedestrians in Tel Aviv

July 4, 2023 | Flash Brief

Palestinian Motorist Rams, Stabs Pedestrians in Tel Aviv

Latest Developments

A Palestinian terrorist carried out a car-ramming and stabbing attack in Tel Aviv on July 4, wounding at least seven people before an armed civilian shot him dead. The terrorist, Abed al-Wahab Khalaila, was a 20-year-old from the West Bank town of as-Samu in the South Hebron Hills area. Hamas claimed the terrorist as a member. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad lauded the terrorist’s actions, deeming them revenge for Israel’s ongoing Operation Home and Garden in Jenin.

In what may have been a similarly motivated attack, a Palestinian teenager stabbed an Israeli youth in Bnai Brak the evening of July 3 before being arrested. The victim suffered light wounds.

Expert Analysis

“Despite its formidable show of force against Palestinian terrorists in Jenin, Israel remains vulnerable to low-tech attacks on the homefront. There is some consolation in that those who would murder and maim Israelis on their streets — in these latest cases — lacked access to guns and bombs. And that is precisely the point of Operation Home and Garden.” — Mark Dubowitz, FDD CEO

“Attacks against Israeli citizens by Palestinian militants are unfortunately a constant in this conflict. Such attacks are futile; they consistently fail to weaken Israeli resolve. The way forward is invariably dialogue and compromise. However, the patrons of the Palestinian armed groups are determined to keep the conflict going. For that, we can thank Iran, Qatar, and Turkey.” — Jonathan Schanzer, FDD Senior Vice President for Research

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