March 28, 2023 | Flash Brief

Iran-Backed Athens Attack Foiled With Mossad Help

March 28, 2023 | Flash Brief

Iran-Backed Athens Attack Foiled With Mossad Help

Latest Developments

With the help of the Mossad, Greek authorities have foiled an Iranian-backed terrorist attack on Jews and Israelis in Athens, officials said on Tuesday. Two Pakistani nationals are under arrest on suspicion of planning the attack against an Israeli restaurant in the Greek capital, local police said. According to Greek media reports, the suspects also had an Athens synagogue in their sights.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office confirmed the reports and said Mossad sleuths helped the Greeks uncover the suspects’ network and working methods. In doing so, the investigators determined that Iran was running them. A March 20 advisory by Israel’s National Security Council recommended caution while traveling abroad for Passover due to ongoing Iranian efforts to strike at Israelis and Jews. The advisory cited such plots uncovered over the past two years in Georgia, Turkey, and Cyprus.

Expert Analysis

“In recent years, Israel has become an ‘intelligence exporter,’ helping a host of countries — including some that do not have formal relations with Israel — stop terrorist attacks. Such cooperation also has saved the lives of Israelis and Jews abroad. As evidence of Iran’s murderous malice in Western capitals mounts, one hopes those same capitals will toughen up on Tehran’s nuclear program in time.” Mark Dubowitz, FDD CEO

“Greece-Israel security cooperation has increased significantly in recent years. This has been spurred by mutual financial interests in the eastern Mediterranean but also growing concerns about the malign activity of both Turkey and Iran. This cooperation has also included Arab gulf states in recent years, as well. The foiled attack in Athens is the result of a relationship rooted in the shared desire to ensure that the Mediterranean remains a sphere of Western influence.” Jonathan Schanzer, FDD Senior Vice President for Research

“Europe can no longer turn a blind eye to Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism. From Greece to the United Kingdom, it’s time to cut off the long arm of Iran’s terror network. The EU and UK should designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization and take additional steps to counter these threats.” Richard Goldberg, FDD Senior Advisor

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