July 10, 2018 | The Jerusalem Post

Violent attacks committed against Jews in Berlin and Zurich

German and Swiss media Sunday reported several violent attacks on Jews in Berlin and Zurich over the weekend.

On Saturday, three Germans and six Syrians were detained for allegedly assaulting a Syrian Jew in a park in Berlin’s Mitte district. The unidentified 19-year-old victim, who was wearing a Star of David, told police the suspects shouted “antisemitic insults,” punched him, and pulled a cigarette from his mouth. The victim was hospitalized.

In Zurich, a German man threatened three Orthodox Jews with a knife. According to the Swiss daily Blick, the assailant shouted antisemitic insults while pursuing his victims with his weapon. A bystander stopped the man, who was detained by the Swiss police and subsequently released. The Swiss prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation.

In recent months, Germany has experienced a wave of violent, antisemitic attacks, largely perpetrated by Muslims.

In June, a Berlin court sentenced a Syrian immigrant to a four-week jail term for an antisemitic attack on an Israeli man. The Syrian Arab was also sentenced to undergo Holocaust education. The Syrian has appealed the sentence.

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