November 21, 2017 | Press Release

FDD launches national security and foreign policy podcast “Foreign Podicy”.

WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 21, 2017 – Focused on the most consequential foreign policy and national security issues facing the United States today, Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) has launched a new national security and foreign policy podcast titled “Foreign Podicy.” The podcast, featuring discussions with policy experts inside FDD and beyond, will offer a wide range of perspectives from leading thinkers with diverse backgrounds and varying opinions. Foreign Podicy is hosted by FDD's Founder and President Cliff May, and aims to bring these conversations to digital audiences at least twice a month. 

Listeners will be able to find and subscribe to Foreign Podicy via iTunesGoogle PlayStitcher, and SoundCloud.

Foreign Podicy’s first episode focuses on the CIA’s monumental release of the Osama bin Laden documents. FDD Senior Fellows and Editors of FDD’s Long War Journal Thomas Joscelyn and Bill Roggio secured an advance look at the documents. This exclusivity included documents, images, and audio and video files relating to Iran, Saudi Arabia, the insurgency in Iraq, al Qaeda’s leadership, and more. Joscelyn and Roggio joined Foreign Podicy host Cliff May for a deeper dive into the files and how they impact the future of counterterrorism policy.

Future Foreign Podicy episodes will include discussions on the rising threats from rogue states like North Korea, Iran and Russia, developing situations with the Gulf states, strategies to counter global terrorism, and regional policy debates spanning the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe.  


To request more information or to provide feedback for the “Foreign Podicy” team, email: [email protected]

About FDD:

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