March 1, 2016 | The Wall Street Journal

The Great Trump Unknown

“Hillary Clinton’s win in Nevada Saturday suggests that in the end Democrats aren’t going to indulge their inner socialist this year. They want to win. Republicans have a last chance to reconsider their Trump embrace, or dive head-first into who-knows-what,” says a Journal editorial. “The businessman is now the clear favorite for the Republican nomination, yet he is also the candidate most disliked by GOP voters and according to the polls the least likely to win in November.”

“Iran’s brazen tests of ballistic missiles in recent months highlight a glaring failure of its nuclear agreement with Western powers, agreed to only months ago,” write Jonathan Ruhe and Blake Fleisher. “But the focus on Tehran’s ballistic missiles overlooks an important point: Iran already possesses cruise missiles capable of delivering a nuclear warhead. Neither the nuclear agreement, nor the U.N. Security Council resolution endorsing it, mention cruise missiles despite the threat they pose.” …And if President Obama doesn’t want to sanction Tehran, David Andrew Weinberg and Mark Dubowitz write that Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies can—with “potent financial weapons they can deploy against Iran.”

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