March 24, 2015 | Monograph

Persian Truths and American Self-Deception

FDD Press

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“Persian Truths & American Self-Deception: Ali Khamenei, Hassan Rouhani, and Muhammad-Javad Zarif In Their Own Words”, written by FDD senior fellows Reuel Marc Gerecht and Ali Alfoneh, utilizes primary source material to provide more details about Iran’s supreme leader, president and foreign minister; three Iranian leaders who are currently deeply engaged in the Iranian nuclear negotiations with the United States. 

The print booklet will officially be unveiled as part of FDD’s Washington Forum 2015, a two-day summit that brings together U.S. military and government officials, as well as the diplomatic and intelligence community, foreign policy professionals, and the media to analyze the ideologies that continue to drive terrorism in the Middle East and throughout the world.  The theme for this year’s Forum is “Wars of the Islamic World: America as Actor or Spectator?”  


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