October 4, 2007 | Press Release

Former Defense Department Consultant Mario Loyola Joins FDD as Visiting Fellow

Washington, D.C. (Oct. 4, 2007) – The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) welcomes former defense department consultant Mario Loyola as a visiting fellow.  While at FDD, he will research and write on national security and diplomatic issues including the stand-off with Iran over its nuclear weapons program, diplomatic and military strategy in the war against Militant Islamist terrorists, and U.S. policy toward Latin America.


“Mario is a convincing writer and clear thinker on issues important to defending democratic societies and defeating the terrorist threat,” said FDD President Clifford May.  “His experience with the Department of Defense, combined with his acumen for substantive policy research, will make him a valuable addition to our team of experts and a great resource for policy makers and the media.”

In 2005 and 2006, Loyola served as a consultant for communications and policy planning at the Department of Defense, where he prepared speeches and op-eds for senior officials, assisted in the final preparation and roll-out of the 2005 National Defense Strategy, and worked on global energy and China issues with the policy planning staff.


His policy experience includes researching the founding of the United Nations and its effect on international law and global security while at the American Enterprise Institute.  As an Uhuru Fellow at the International Republican Institute, he conducted research for the Institute's democracy & governance programs in Africa.  Before moving to Washington, D.C., he practiced business law, focusing on international transactions negotiations.


Mr. Loyola is a frequent contributor to National Review and National Review Online.  He has also published in The Weekly Standard and The American Interest.  In addition, he has been a commentator for television and radio broadcasts, including CNN International, in English and Spanish.  He also appears regularly in Arabic media, including al-Jazeera and Alhurra.


He is a native Spanish-speaker and is also fluent in French.


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