December 6, 2005 | Press Release

The Pledge for Iraq

Washington, D.C. (Dec. 7, 2005) – On Friday, December 9, representatives from a coalition of Iraqi organizations and individuals will hold a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to announce the progress of Iraq's nationwide issue-based campaign in support of women's rights, human rights and freedom, the Pledge for Iraq (Ahad al-Iraq).

The Pledge for Iraq was launched on Nov. 1 in Baghdad by a group of women concerned that the Iraqi constitution left many civil rights issues for the National Assembly to decide.  The campaign has asked all candidates for the National Assembly to sign a pledge in support of five laws to protect political freedoms, human rights, and equality under the law for all Iraqis.  In turn, it is widely promoting the pledge and urging all Iraqis to support it.

In little over a month, the Pledge for Iraq has succeeded in signing up many of Iraq's leaders, including: head of the Iraqi National List Ayad Allawi; Vice President of Iraq Ghazi al-Yawar; Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation Barham Saleh; and Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and head of the National Congress List Ahmad al-Chalabi.  In total, nearly 100 assembly candidates and political leaders have signed the Pledge, with the number growing every day.

The Pledge for Iraq has built a grassroots base of support among hundreds of NGOs, civil society organizations, and individuals.  Members of the Pledge for Iraq will continue to seek the endorsement of all candidates for the National Assembly, and then will work with the National Assembly to pass the laws.  The Pledge for Iraq's website is

WHO:   Basma Fakri, President and Co-Founder, Women's Alliance for a Democratic Iraq

            Raya Barazanji, Chief Operating Officer, Iraq Foundation
            Tamara Quinn, Co-Founder, Women's Alliance for a Democratic Iraq
            Selwa Gailani Kanna, Project Manager, Iraq Foundation
           Hiba Alyawer, Women's Alliance for a Democratic Iraq

WHAT:  Introducing the Pledge for Iraq and discussing Iraq's elections.

WHEN:  10 a.m., Friday, December 9, 2005

WHERE: National Press Club