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Patrick Davis

Department of Justice, National Security Detainee Litigation


Last updated: May 14, 2012

Patrick Davis is a Trial Attorney with the National Security Detainee Litigation team in the Federal Programs Branch of the Department of Justice. He serves as lead attorney for the United States Government in several habeas corpus cases brought against it by Guantanamo Bay detainees, including those of high-value detainees Abu Faraj al-Libi and Mohd Farik Bin Amin. The cases involve issues of domestic and international law relating to national security, the laws of war, and the Government’s detention authority, as well as unique factual scenarios associated with terrorist tradecraft and armed conflict.  In this capacity, Patrick develops the Government’s defense, drafts briefs, and argues cases in federal court. Prior to joining the Department of Justice, Patrick worked as an attorney in a private law firm in Washington, D.C.  He has also worked for the Department of Defense and the State Department. Patrick is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center.

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