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Maryam Manzoori

Freelance Journalist


Last updated: Feb 29, 2024

Maryam Manzoori is a multimedia journalist with 21 years of experience as a writer, news editor, reporter, and producer/host of digital platforms and radio and TV shows. She covers foreign policy and international affairs with a focus on the Middle East as a reporter and correspondent in Washington, DC. In her multiple assignments in the Middle East, she has covered Iran-related affairs in the MENA region, and during almost three years in Tunisia (2020-2023) Maryam wrote extensively about Islamic extremism and post-Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia against Islamic politicians, Tunisian Jewish history, Libya, African illegal migrants and their dangerous journey across Mediterranean to reach Europe, Moroccan-Israeli Abraham Accords, and North African affairs. Prior to becoming a freelancer, Maryam was a broadcast/journalist for Voice of America (VOA) Persian TV in Washington, DC, where she covered Iran, its nuclear program, and its ties with the United States, Israel, and Persian Gulf Arab nations. As a journalist at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Prague, on an assignment in Iraq, she wrote about Yazidis and interviewed Kurdish leaders, academics, and women activists. Maryam also translated an autobiography of an Iranian-Jewish entrepreneur, who lived in Iran, Israel, and the United States. Maryam holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from the University of Tehran.   

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