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Ia Meurmishvili

Voice of America


Last updated: Apr 18, 2022

Ia Meurmishvili is a Senior Editor, Journalist, and the Anchor of “View from Washington,” Voice of America’s most-watched Georgian-language television program. In this capacity, she has presented American foreign policy, values, and culture to audiences in her native Georgia. She has interviewed senior American and Georgian leaders, including US Senators, senior administration officials, Cabinet Members, and other US and Georgian dignitaries. Before launching “View from Washington” in 2019, she was the Anchor of “Washington Today,” a VOA-Georgian weekly news magazine. She also leads the VOA Georgian Service’s social media presence, managing the Service’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. Meurmishvili wrote investigative stories for polygraph.info, a joint VOA-RFE/RL fact-checking publication that exposes disinformation and misinformation around the world. She is an expert on European and South Caucasus energy security issues, South Caucasus regional conflicts, Eurasian political, economic and security issues, and NATO policy, including NATO enlargement. Prior to working for VOA, Meurmishvili held a variety of positions in the private and non-profit sectors, including positions at the Eurasia Foundation, Finmeccanica, and the office of a US member of Congress.

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