Christopher Moeller



Christopher Moeller is a senior associate with Deloitte where he supports financial investigations and threats in the intelligence community. Previously, Christopher advised anti-money laundering, illicit finance, and kleptocracy and foreign corruption investigations in law enforcement. Christopher has consulted prosecutors at the Department of Justice and investigators and agents in the law enforcement and intelligence community. Christopher currently serves as a member of the Financial Threats Task Force at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance and as a member of the AML/Counter Threat Finance Task Force at the Institute of International Finance. In these capacities, he advises FATF on global AML recommendations, leading initiatives to bridge the gap between public and private financial institutions, contributing to whitepapers to address information sharing issues, and working with global financial institutions to deter illicit finance and counter terrorism financing. Christopher received a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from Auburn University and holds certification as a Project Management Principal. (This bio is current to when the participant joined FDD’s National Security Network.)

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