January 27, 2024 | Foreign Podicy

Colonel Richard Kemp on Israel’s Long War

January 27, 2024 Foreign Podicy

Colonel Richard Kemp on Israel’s Long War




Colonel Richard Kemp has spent three decades fighting terrorists and insurgents around the world, including as commander of British forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has been present during each conflict between Israel and Hamas since 2008 and has been in Israel since the beginning of the current Gaza war.   

Col. Kemp joins Cliff to discuss why Israel is not guilty of genocide and why Hamas, Hezbollah, and their patrons in Tehran are; the measures taken by Israel to reduce civilian harm — including their unparalleled ratio of civilians to combatants killed — in what the Col. calls the “single most challenging battlefield”; how South Africa and other members of the so-called ‘international community’ reinforce Hamas’ use of human shields; and the Colonel’s thoughts on the recent U.S.- and UK-led defensive strikes targeting Houthi assets in Yemen.

Col. Kemp also shares a battlefield assessment from his time spent in Ukraine and explains to Cliff why he fears the war is likely to end in defeat for Kyiv.

Colonel Richard Kemp

Colonel Richard Kemp CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) has three decades of experience in the British Army fighting terrorists and insurgents. He commanded British forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Ireland, the Balkans and elsewhere.From 2002 to 2006 he headed the international terrorism team at the UK Government’s Joint Intelligence Committee. He also chaired the strategic intelligence group at COBRA, the UK national crisis management committee.

His name was discovered on an al-Qaeda kill list in 2013.

He’s been present during each of the conflicts between Israel and Hamas since Operation Cast Lead in 2008 and has been in Israel from the start of the current war in Gaza. In numerous published articles and on social media, he has been sharing the truth about this war and, in particular, about the Israeli Defense Forces.


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