August 11, 2023 | Foreign Podicy

Ukraine: What comes next?

August 11, 2023 Foreign Podicy

Ukraine: What comes next?




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“It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

That was the reported assessment of a Ukrainian battalion commander recently describing Kyiv’s counteroffensive against invading Russian forces. To be sure, the progress of the Ukrainian forces has been slow and the human cost incredibly high.

Meanwhile, more than 40 countries (not Russia) met in Riyadh last weekend to discuss the war.

At this point in the war, what are the strategies of the two combatants?
Is time on Kyiv’s — or Moscow’s — side?
What U.S. interests are at stake on the battlefield in Ukraine?
What happened at the NATO Summit in Vilnius last month?

Guest host Bradley Bowman, senior director of FDD’s Center on Military and Political Power, poses these and related questions to two leading experts: Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Ben Hodges and Retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Mark Montgomery.


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