The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD’s) Media Fellows Program is tailored for mid-career journalists, social media content creators, and strategic communications professionals.

FDD’s Media Fellows Program provides educational programing and professional development opportunities to help media professionals gain a deeper understanding of the intersection between media, strategic communications, public diplomacy, misinformation, disinformation, and national security.

FDD’s Media Fellows Program will facilitate:

FDD’s Media Fellows Program includes a National Security Trip to Israel. The seven-day trip will offer a fact-based, nuanced understanding of a country that faces unique strategic communications and public diplomacy challenges. Throughout the week, trip participants will travel around Israel to participate in off-the-record high-level meetings with Israel’s top national security brass; current and former Israeli, Palestinian, and American national security decision makers; journalists; military officials; and leaders in the private sector. These in-depth conversations will be supplemented by experiential exercises, including visits to elite military installations and the high-tech sector.

Upon completion of the program, participants will become members of FDD’s National Security Network (NSN), comprised of nearly 600 bipartisan leaders in Washington’s national security landscape, all alumni of FDD’s mid-career programing. Alumni enjoy year-round programming, including invitations to policy-related events, international trips and opportunities for networking and collaborating with both FDD experts and peers in the DC policy community.

FDD’s Media Fellows Program is part of FDD’s Barish Center for Media Integrity. In addition to providing skill-building opportunities and access to leading national security professionals, the Center addresses the national security threats posed by misinformation campaigns and influence operations waged by foreign adversaries against the United States and allied democracies.

FDD does not accept donations from any foreign governments. No foreign funds are used to support FDD’s Media Fellows Program or the trip.

Eligibility Requirements:

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