August 31, 2015 | Quote

Bust: Iran Opponents’ August Fail

Critics of the Iran deal believed the August congressional recess was their best chance to scuttle the nuclear accord, as wavering lawmakers returned home to angry protesters and a barrage of TV ads. The longer the deal hung out there, they figured, the worse it would be for President Barack Obama.

Instead, the monthlong break has been a major bust.

Opponents of the Iran agreement — led by the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee, among others — are following through on pledges to spend $30 million-plus on a TV ad blitz and lobbying effort designed to whip up opposition to the measure. Republican leaders got a big lift from Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York when the Democratic leader-in-waiting came out against it. And opponents pounced when a secret deal with international inspectors that the GOP had long warned against was finally leaked, showing Iran could conduct its own inspections on a suspected military testing site.


With all the momentum behind the administration, some opponents are shifting their attention to how the next president can get more concessions from Iran. One is Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, who met privately recently with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


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