December 8, 2014 | Quote

Israel Strikes Against Syria May Be Linked to Iranian Activity

Tony Badran, a columnist for the Beirut-based website NOW Lebanon and a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told the Post that striking a target in Dimas makes sense, as it could be that some weapons had landed at the airport and were en route to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The location of the reported strike is between Damascus and the Lebanese border. The shipment could have been set to be transferred across the border through familiar smuggling routes in the area, or, for that matter, even pass through the nearby official border crossing.

However, the most likely option is that it was an Iranian shipment of weapons, said Badran.

This comes after reports last month that Russia may be seeking to send arms, including the S-300 missile defense system to Syria, although in this instance, a Russian arms shipment is seen as less likely.

“Syria approached Moscow seeking an additional deterrent,” beyond US pledges not to attack Assad in its anti-Islamic State campaign, said Badran, adding that this assumes that a delivery was made.

However, Badran said that Assad is low on cash and probably would have difficulty paying the Russians for any weaponry – unless it was paid for by Iran.

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