April 1, 2024 | Visual

What to Know About Iran’s Nuclear Program: Enriched Uranium Stockpiles

Iran has amassed large stockpiles of 20 and 60 percent enriched uranium since President Biden took office. Tehran has produced those stockpiles nearly penalty-free, reflecting the administration’s failed policy of diplomacy, “de-escalation,” and lax sanctions enforcement against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Stockpiles of 20 and 60 percent enriched uranium factor greatly into Iran’s so-called “breakout time” — the amount of time the regime requires to make enough weapons-grade uranium for one nuclear weapon. Twenty percent enrichment represents roughly 90 percent of the effort required to obtain weapons-grade uranium, while 60 percent enrichment entails some 95 to 99 percent of that effort. Thus, removing Tehran’s nuclear threat must entail the regime’s verifiable elimination of all enriched uranium stockpiles and associated uranium enrichment infrastructure.


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