February 28, 2024 | Flash Brief

Israel Coordinates Airdrops of Humanitarian Aid Into Gaza, Bypassing Hamas

February 28, 2024 | Flash Brief

Israel Coordinates Airdrops of Humanitarian Aid Into Gaza, Bypassing Hamas

Latest Developments

Israel coordinated airdrops of humanitarian aid into Gaza with five countries, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on February 28. The airdrops, which took place in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, France, and the United States, included 160 packages of food and medical equipment. The airdrops took place in the southern Gaza Strip and supplied a Jordanian field hospital in Khan Younis. The airdrops bypassed the Hamas-controlled Rafah area, which is on the Egyptian border. The IDF released footage showing the airdrops.

Expert Analysis

“The airdrops to Gaza are an important element of cooperation between Israel and several Arab states. The airdrops help alleviate concerns about the need for humanitarian support for Gazan civilians. In addition, this is a capability that enables countries to bypass Hamas-controlled areas of Gaza. This can prove an important model for regional cooperation and for future aid provision to areas in Gaza.” — Seth J. Frantzman, FDD Adjunct Fellow

“Israel’s close cooperation with Arab partners in providing humanitarian aid to Gazans is encouraging. Perhaps this coordination can be extended beyond the war to rebuild the enclave once Hamas is gone.” — Enia Krivine, Senior Director of FDD’s Israel Program and National Security Network

Cooperation Between Israel and Arab States

The airdrops to Gaza took place in the context of cooperation between Israel and Arab countries that have peace agreements with Israel, including Jordan, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. The Jordanian army has conducted several airdrops to Gazan civilians in the four months since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. King Abdullah of Jordan personally took part in an airdrop on February 27, illustrating the importance of this mission to the kingdom. In December, Jordan’s Princess Salma also took part in an airdrop.

Hamas Gunmen ‘Steal’ From Gazans

The IDF has filmed Hamas terrorists taking over aid trucks entering Gaza since October 7. In December, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit released a video “in which Hamas terrorists are shown stealing food and humanitarian aid from civilians in Gaza City’s Shijaiyah neighborhood and assaulting them,” Ynet reported. Officials in Arab and Western countries agreed in October that Hamas was keeping food from civilians.

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