January 25, 2024 | Flash Brief

Israel Increases Pressure on Hamas Terrorists in Khan Younis

January 25, 2024 | Flash Brief

Israel Increases Pressure on Hamas Terrorists in Khan Younis

Latest Developments

The Israeli military said on January 24 it is “increasing the pressure” on Hamas in the terror stronghold of Khan Younis as operations in southern Gaza continued. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that its forces in southern Gaza continue to eliminate terror cells. On January 25, IDF soldiers raided Hamas command centers and killed six terrorists who were carrying RPGs. Khan Younis is the hometown of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, and the city has extensive terrorist infrastructure within and beneath it.

The IDF has been operating in Khan Younis since December, hoping that the pressure will lead to the release of Israeli hostages by Hamas. Hostages in Gaza have been held near Sinwar as he continues to flee from the IDF. Israel has found evidence in Khan Younis that shows hostages were held in the city.

Expert Analysis

“Defeating Hamas in southern Gaza is the key to defeating the terrorist organization. Hamas has used southern Gaza as a way to control the transit of goods, including humanitarian aid, flowing into Gaza. It also has used southern Gaza as a smuggling route. Khan Younis is the headquarters of Hamas terror leader Yahya Sinwar and uprooting terrorist infrastructure in the city will reduce the Hamas threat to Israel and to the region.” — Seth J. Frantzman, FDD Adjunct Fellow

“Khan Younis acts as a key hub for Palestinian terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip. The IDF surrounding and establishing a presence in the city are impressive operational successes. However, the process of eliminating the extensive network of terrorist infrastructure within the city is likely to be a long and arduous task, possibly lasting weeks or even months.” Joe Truzman, Senior Research Analyst at FDD’s Long War Journal

Rocket Fire From Gaza After Four Days of Calm

Terrorists in Gaza fired rockets toward Israeli communities on January 25, the first rocket fire in four days. The rockets set off sirens near the northern border with Gaza. Hamas and other terrorist groups have fired more than 9,000 rockets from Gaza at Israel since Hamas attacked the Jewish state on October 7. Rocket fire declined in January, and between January 21 and 24, no sirens were heard in Israel. The IDF estimated that 12 percent of the rockets fired by terrorists fall inside Gaza and threaten Palestinian civilians. In mid-October, a rocket fired from Gaza fell in a parking lot near a hospital in Gaza City, causing numerous civilian casualties.

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