January 7, 2024 | Flash Brief

IDF Dismantles Hamas in Northern Gaza, Three Months into the Gaza War

January 7, 2024 | Flash Brief

IDF Dismantles Hamas in Northern Gaza, Three Months into the Gaza War

Latest Developments

Israel has dismantled Hamas’s military capabilities in the northern section of the coastal strip, according to Israel Defense Forces (IDF) chief spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari on January 6. Hamas once concentrated half of its forces in Northern Gaza, with a pre-war strength of 14,000 terrorists divided into two brigades and twelve battalions, the IDF spokesperson explained. Israeli forces have killed more than 8,000 terrorists, including key commanders, he reported.

Adm. Hagari also named other IDF operational successes across the Gaza strip, including uncovering a five-mile-long stretch of tunnel with 40 access shafts; seizing 70 million computer files of intelligence value; destroying about 40,000 Palestinian munitions during the war; and interrogating numerous Hamas captives.

Expert Analysis

“Israel’s success in rebounding from Hamas’s shock invasion that overran its defensive lines is now becoming clear. Northern Gaza, with its urban density, was a formidable challenge which the IDF managed through a carefully planned and executed counter-offensive that gave Palestinian civilians plenty of time to evacuate. We are now seeing a shift to different tactics in the south and center of the Gaza strip, over a potentially longer timeline. There is every indication that the IDF’s professionalism will be brought to bear there, too.” — Mark Dubowitz, FDD Chief Executive

“Contrary to Hamas’s exaggerated claims of decimating Israeli military vehicles and killing troops, the Israeli military has effectively destroyed Hamas’s northern command. At this crucial juncture, Israel urgently needs ample time to dismantle the remnants of Hamas’s infrastructure, which has sought refuge underground and relocated to the southern Gaza Strip.” — Joe Truzman, FDD Research Analyst at FDD’s Long War Journal

Focus of Israeli Offensive Now on Southern Gaza

Following much stand-off shelling, Israel launched large-scale ground force operations on October 27, focusing on Gaza City and other northern loci of Hamas terrorism and governance. The ground offensive spread to southern and central Gaza in the ensuing weeks.

Sporadic fighting with surviving terrorists continues in the north, Adm. Hagari said, adding that the military would continue missions there while preparing a buffer zone at the nearby border with Israel. He made clear that the IDF is “focusing on dismantling Hamas in the central and southern Gaza Strip,” which contains an extensive network of Hamas’s underground tunnels and bunkers where many terrorists are still deployed.

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