December 12, 2023 | Flash Brief

Israel Recovers Remains of Two Additional Hostages

December 12, 2023 | Flash Brief

Israel Recovers Remains of Two Additional Hostages

Latest Developments

Israeli special forces recovered the bodies of two more Gaza hostages, the military said on December 12. The repatriation of Warrant Officer Ziv Dado, 36, and civilian Eden Zakaria, 27, was announced after pathologists confirmed their identities and their families were notified. Their remains were located following Gaza ground operations in which two soldiers were killed and several others wounded on December 7, the military said without providing further details.

Dado’s base was overrun during the October 7 cross-border rampage by Hamas, and he was taken back to Gaza. Israeli authorities had declared him dead in absentia. It was not immediately clear when and under what circumstances Zakaria, who was among 40 revelers seized at the Reim rave, had died.

Israeli forces previously recovered the remains of two other hostages, a civilian and a soldier. With the return of Dado and Zakaria, the number of hostages presumed to still be in captivity in Gaza dropped to 135, Israeli authorities said.

Expert Analysis

“Israel has pledged to free all of those cruelly taken captive by Hamas, even if that means paying with the blood of brave soldiers sent to their rescue — and even if it means paying this price for hostages who are no longer alive. That is the very essence of a committed citizen’s army, dedicated to the defense of its democracy, and it is why the Israelis will prevail over a ruthless enemy.” — Mark Dubowitz, FDD CEO

“Hamas’s most prized possessions are the hostages in its captivity. Each hostage discovered by Israel diminishes Hamas’s bargaining power in seeking the release of Palestinian prisoners who have committed acts of terrorism.” — Joe Truzman, Research Analyst at FDD’s Long War Journal

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