October 29, 2023 | Flash Brief

Hamas Exploits Suffering in Gaza

October 29, 2023 | Flash Brief

Hamas Exploits Suffering in Gaza

Latest Developments

Hamas is exploiting civilian suffering in Gaza and continues to control medical and fuel supplies, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on October 29. Israel is closely monitoring the humanitarian situation in Gaza and has “assembled a team of experts that assess the humanitarian situation on a daily basis,” the Israeli Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) said. This effort includes coordination with international organizations, facilitating humanitarian aid, and repairing water and electric supplies in Gaza.

The coastal strip has adequate food and fuel supplies, COGAT said, but Hamas terrorists continue to confiscate them for their own use. The New York Times confirmed this assessment in an October 27 article, “As Gazans Scrounge for Food and Water, Hamas Sits on a Rich Trove of Supplies.”

Expert Analysis

“Hamas continues to sit astride supplies that enter the Gaza Strip, with a history of using humanitarian aid to increase its power. It claims the residents of Gaza do not have adequate food and fuel, while it steals from them and uses these civilians as shields in its war against Israel.” — Seth J. Frantzman, FDD Adjunct Fellow

“Hamas has long used the Palestinian populace to hide its military infrastructure. The well-being of the civilian population in Gaza is not a priority for Hamas leaders. Rather, it’s an asset to use in their arsenal.” – Joe Truzman, Research Analyst at FDD’s Long War Journal

Hamas Attacked Electric, Water Supplies in Gaza

Hamas targeted the Erez crossing during its massive October 7 surprise attack on Israel, which Gazans have long used to enter Israel for work and medical treatment. The crossing was badly damaged and three Israelis were murdered at the site. Israel says that before the Hamas attack, 18,000 Gazans had work permits in Israel and billions of tons of food were entering Gaza. Israel was forced to close the Erez crossing following the attack given the extensive damage Hamas caused.

Israel to Allow Increased Aid to Gaza

Despite the high likelihood that Hamas will deny Gazans access to incoming humanitarian aid in order to advance its own war aims, COGAT stated on October 29 that Israel plans in coming weeks to allow a dramatic increase in the amount of humanitarian aid entering Gaza. Further, COGAT encouraged the civilian population to move to the humanitarian zone in the southern Gaza Strip while Israel’s campaign to eliminate Hamas terrorists continues. Also on October 29, Gazans plundered UNRWA supply warehouses as lawlessness increased.

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