April 16, 2011 | National Review Online


My column this weekend is about the Obama administration’s infatuation with those loveable, “largely secular” “moderates,” the Muslim Brotherhood — who did not exactly get the Paul Ryan treatment when the president invited them to one of his speeches.

To get a succinct read on the state of U.S. policy regarding the Islamic ummah, you should really have a good look at Roger Kimball’s post at Pajamas (on his blog there, Roger’s Rules). It boils down to two rules:

1. You don’t burn the Koran, because if you do, Muslims might go on a killing spree.

2 You do burn the Bible, because if you don’t, Muslims might go on a killing spree.

As Roger explains, this is not the contradiction it seems to be — not if you have accepted the sharia premise that Islam must reign supreme and that other religions, and their adherents, represent a form of life that is less than fully human.

This is explained in greater detail by an excellent 12-minute video included at the end of the post, from the website AnsweringMuslims.com, which relates the startling difference between our government’s condemnation of the burning of the Koran (sorry, the Holy Qur’an) and our government’s direction that bibles be torched.

Change you can believe in — or else …

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