September 27, 2010 | FDD’s Long War Journal

Another US Hot Pursuit Action in Pakistan?

According to reports from the region, the US military in Afghanistan again followed the Taliban into Pakistan and killed fighters in Pakistani territory. US helicopters pounded Taliban fighters in the tribal agency of Kurram, killing five, according to Geo News:

According to sources, two Nato helicopters violated the Pakistani border and shelled in Kurram Agency area at 5am this morning and turned back to Afghanistan.

An Afghan Police commander Haq Yar Khan confirmed that Nato helicopters trespassed Pakistani border and attacked in Kurram Agency area, killing at least five people and inuring scores others.

The Afghan Commander said the action was undertaken after the allied forces of Nato forces were attacked in Afghanistan province of Paktia, adding the attackers came from Kurram Agency area and turned back to the area after attack.

I've contacted ISAF to confirm or deny the report, but have not received an answer as of yet. If confirmed, the latest incident of US forces following the Taliban in hot pursuit into Pakistan would be the third in three days. Over the weekend, the US killed more than 30 Haqqani Network fighters while pursuing them from Khost into North Waziristan (some reports put the number killed as high as 60).

One note on the Geo News story above: the US helos didn't “trespass” into Pakistan. The US and Pakistan have an agreement that allows for hot pursuit up to six miles into Pakistani territory if Taliban forces attack in Afghanistan and cross back into Pakistan.

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