September 19, 2008 | Books

From Energy Crisis To Energy Security

American dependence on oil sends hundreds of billions of dollars overseas every year, forces the U.S. to put its troops in harm’s way, and undermines American diplomatic efforts. As the United States experiences rapidly increasing oil and commodities prices, coupled with sluggish economic growth, it is critical that American policymakers address this challenge in a thoughtful and systematic manner. From Energy Crisis to Energy Security provides a framework for doing so. In this volume, scientific, security, and industry experts have prepared in-depth chapters on the problems we confront, the technologies at our disposal, and policy and paradigmatic approaches to this critical problem. With a foreword by R. James Woolsey, contributors include Robert McFarlane, Robert Zubrin, Bruce Dale, Roger S. Ballentine, Laura Chasen, George Philippidis, Kenneth J. Nemeth, and Rick Tolman.

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