July 12, 2008 | National Review Online

Targeted Marketing

As you no doubt know, the Senate last week voted to confirm Gen. David Petraeus – slandered less than a year ago by MoveOn.org as “Gen Betray Us” — by a 95 to 2 vote. Which two senators voted against Petraeus, despite his historic achievement: dramatically changing U.S. military strategy in Iraq and turning what looked to be America’s defeat at the hands of al-Qaeda and Iran’s proxies into a clear success?

The answer (drum roll please): Senator Tom Harkin (D., Iowa) and Senator Robert Byrd (D., W.V.) voted against him.

Interesting, don’t you think, that both Harkin and Byrd neglect to note this vote on their official web sites (which are here and here)?

But you can bet MoveOn.org knows who their friends are.