July 9, 2008 | National Review Online

Susan Rice, Obama’s Foreign Policy Adviser, Strikes Again

She’ll be a source of non-stop amusement if Obama wins.

Here, from Eli Lake at the New York Sun, is what McCain’s spokesman said regarding the ongoing negotiations with the Iraqi government over a status of forces agreement (all italics in this post are mine):  “We are dealing with a sovereign government, … If that sovereign government asks us to leave, we will leave. And if that sovereign government wants to continue to work cooperatively with us until they are able to provide their own security, we will stay. What we will not do is set an arbitrary timeline to withdraw irregardless of conditions on the ground or agreement with the sovereign Iraqi government.”

Here is the English comprehension challenged Ms. Rice:  “It’s time for John McCain to explain why he refuses to ask Iraq’s leaders to take responsibility for their own future, and why he has completely changed his own stated position that he would leave Iraq when the Iraqis ask us to. The American people need a strategy for succeeding in Iraq, not just a strategy for staying, and John McCain’s stubborn refusal to adjust to events on the ground just shows that he has no plan to end this war.”

Say what you will about McCain, but he has earned an enormous amount of the credit for our military’s spectacular success in Iraq, and it has been Obama and the Democrats who’ve stubbornly refused to adjust to events (i.e., victory rather than the defeat they predicted) on the ground.  That aside, though, how has McCain “completely changed” his position on whether we’d leave if the Iraqis asked us to?  And does Ms. Rice think the Iraqis have asked us to leave?