June 12, 2008 | Pajamas Media

In the UN’ s Cash-for-Kim Scandal, Who Got Punished?

In the UNDP welter (see post below) of botched and missing records, violations of the UN’s own rules, derelictions of duty, aid, comfort and dual-use procurement for a murderous totalitarian regime, and final gloss of UN immunity spread like a sheet of grease on top, have any of the UNDP officials involved paid a penalty?

Only the whistleblower who ended up without a job, and in that case, only in the opinions of some outside observers and, as expressed last summer, the UN’s own ethics office (which the UNDP rejected). The UNDP and its investigators suggest the whistleblower deserved what he got.

On another UN front, this from its “good governance” division, the Washington Times reports today on yet more UN impunity — “Report: UN Official Diverted Funds.” Maybe they should all hold a reunion with Benon Sevan on Cyprus. Heck, maybe they should set up an entire new UN agency and get taxpayer funding for it: “The Department of Innocent UN Officials.”