July 6, 2005 | Press Release

Ad in Financial Times Questions Russia’s G8 Membership

Ad in Financial Times Questions Russia's G8 Membership

FDD Highlights Failing Democracy, Human Rights Abuses


WASHINGTON, DC (July 6, 2005) – As leaders of the G8 gather today in Gleneagles, Scotland, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) asks whether Russia is still qualified to be a member nation in an ad running in today's Financial Times and in an op-ed by FDD President Clifford May. 


“Today, the Russian press is no longer free. The Russian judiciary is not independent. Industries have been selectively taken over by the state or Putin's cronies. Political opponents have been both persecuted and prosecuted,” May wrote in the July 5 National Review Online.


The ad in the Financial Times asks:  “How can Russia take a leadership role as President of the next G8 with its failing democracy and human rights record?”


A copy of the ad is available here.


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