Sheena Puleali’i

U.S. Air Force


Sheena Puleali’i is active duty Air Force and currently serves as the Executive Officer for the Air Force Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (A2).  She advises A2 on the development, coordination, and implementation of USAF intelligence policy, programs, and budgets and acts on behalf of the Deputy A2 with seniorleaders and government officials across Air Staff, Major Commands, Department of Defense, and Congress.  In her twelve years of service, she has deployed twice in support of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan; has served in roles that directly supported Special Operations Forces in all military branches; was responsible for the scheduling and tasking of high-altitude air assets within the Korean theater of operations; and established the foundation for intelligence support to F-35 training operations. She received her Master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence Studies from American Military University and is currently in the process of starting her own business. (This bio is current to when the participant joined FDD’s National Security Network.)

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