John Noonan

Office of Representative Buck McKeon


John Noonan is the principle Speechwriter for the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep Buck McKeon (R-CA). Before moving to HASC professional staff, Mr. Noonan was a Policy Advisor at the Foreign Policy Initiative, where he specialized in defense and foreign policy issues. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force, where he pulled over 300 nuclear alerts in the Minuteman III REACT-A weapon system and was responsible for the maintenance and release of ten long-range, thermonuclear missiles. He later worked as a Minuteman III weapons and tactics instructor with the 90th Operations Support Squadron. Prior to moving to the Hill, Mr. Noonan was a regular contributor to The Weekly Standard, and has been published in Wired, Politico, The Small Wars Journal, National Review, and others. (This bio is current to when the participant joined FDD’s National Security Network.)

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